We are open from sunrise to sunset - every day, all year round (almost).
The frost has this year delayed the opening of the lake by a week. On Saturday 27/2, however, we are ready to open. Fish will be released on Friday 26/2.
Rules and regulations

Only pedestrian traffic is allowed.

Dogs must be on a leash.

Don't throw rocks or other stuff into the lake.

You stay at the lake at your own risk.

Be considerate to others.

Be good to nature - use the garbage bins.

Fishing rules

You may only fish from the edge of the lake.

You may only fish with the number of rods you have paid for.

Other rods must point away from the lake.

You may only catch one fish per rod per hour.

Carps must be released. They are a protected species.

Don't use



Meal worms

Bait fish


Violation will get you evicted.


Fishing tickets are sold in the vending machine under the service building canopy.

You may exchange Danish and Euro banknotes in the machine.

MobilePay is also an option (+45 29453480).

Funderholmevej 28, 8600 Silkeborg

Call us

+45 86 81 16 86